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  • Ngng


    October 15, 2009 by Ngng

    I'm like a librarian here working alone. It's kinda funny in a way. I know that some people are visiting this place (you can see stats for every page). Still it's silent. Bizarre...

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  • Ngng

    Progress or regress?

    October 11, 2009 by Ngng

    I've come to grasp the fact that most people are hardly willing to be pioneers when it comes to an uncertain and hazy goal. So in order not to fail in the end I'd have to increase the certainty of the result. To build a framework with some space inside to dwell. That's what I'm gonna do in the long run (that is if i'm gonna be stubborn enough).

    On the side note I'll be playing the next game on PCSX2 soon. It'll be Rule of Rose. I've tested it and it's working quite fine with the new GSDX (considering switching from hi-res to native for the videos). That was a game I've bought 1.5 or 2 years ago and it was never playable enough to be beaten in PCSX2 (as I said before I don't like gaming on my PS2 so it's now remained only as a forgotten remn…

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  • Ngng

    I've finished Drakan 2

    October 6, 2009 by Ngng

    And I have to say the game is very good! But the PC's "Order of the flame" was better (at least for me). There's no repetition in this game the balance is right, the weapons, the magic and everything is excellent! It feels like a book (as it supposed to feel I think). But still the first one was superior. However I enjoyed this one very much!

    I have some more PS2 games (my console is collecting dust in some box, I was never able to get used to the controls and TV instead of PC) and I'm gonna find a way to buy some good titles (certain people just get rid of the old DVDs -- what a shame) 'cause now I know that the emulation is working fine enough to enjoy the process of playing. So I'll try to update this place in the future.

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  • Ngng

    Slow pace...

    September 29, 2009 by Ngng

    It's too quiet here. It doesn't bother me much. I have some more PS2 games and whenever I'll finish Drakan I'am gonna add some info on them, too. That's a slow process and I've got all the time in the world in here. Be seeing you, silent observers.

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