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Additional comments:
An "undub" patch was released by fans which applies to the US-NTSC version (Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time). Basically it replaces all of the dubbed voices with the original Japanese voices.

Playing on the Windows version of the emulator (build r3878, plugins also 3878), occasionally when reloading savestates the emulator will crash (that particular savestate would be bad, i.e not useable). It is advised that players alternate between multiple savestates in order to have something else to fall back on. Use the game's actual save points as well, although do remember that loading from the memory card wipes your Bonus Battle gauge - it can be rebuilt but you'll have to grind several (12+) battles or so to regain all the 4 bonuses. This is mentioned specifically here since with emulation it is expected players will use savestates to maintain their Bonus Battle gauge maxed at all times. Just be aware that if you reload from a proper game save that you'll have to rebuild your gauge.

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